A CASE REPORT: Combining Functional and Fixed Appliances

Dr. GermanO.Ramirez-Yanez and Dr.Guarimdos Anjos Jacira

ABSTRACT Open bite is one of the most challenging malocclusions and its treatment must aim to improve occlusion and muscular function in the masticatory system, producing a satisfactory and stable result. This clinical report presents a patient with an open bite in mixed dentition associated with a Class II, division 1 malocclusion and a posterior unilateral crossbite. By combining functional and fixed appliances, the open bite was closed, a good occlusion was reinstated and muscular activity was improved in a simpler way. Therefore, this case report supports the idea of including myofunctional treatment when an open bite is treated at an early age.

The Functional Orthodontist Summer/Fall 2007